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Virtual Bookkeeping and Business Strategy


Bookkeeping Solutions Redefined

Entrust is not just any other bookkeeper. We take bookkeeping one step further, by not only helping your business stay on top of the books but incorporating business strategy that arms you with information to make key operating decisions and empower you to have a clear path forward.

Does this sound like you?

You work for yourself, go you!

That comes with the freedom to run your business how you want to. It also comes with the responsibility of wearing many hats and keeping your books in order was not why you got into business.

You keep putting off working on your business finances

You aren't sure whether you are recording things correctly

You have steady or increasing revenue but your profit is staying the same

You aren't sure how much to pay yourself versus keep in the business

You absolutely dread tax season

Let's take you from overwhelmed and annoyed to confident.


For all those busy business owners who are ready to outsource their bookkeeping to a professional that they can count on.

- Accounting software subscription (QuickBooks Simple Start, Plus, etc.)
- Categorization of all business transactions
- Attachment of receipts to transactions
- Reconciliation of the business bank accounts & credit cards
- Financial reporting package (includes the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows)

- 60 min video call to go over the reporting package & make sure you understand where your business currently stands
- Unlimited email support
- Annual reports for tax preparation

Starting at $300 per month and varies based on type of business, number of transactions, etc. 

We believe in supporting every business. Whether you are established or just starting out, together we can create a customized service plan to meet your needs.


Focus On Growing Your Business, Entrust the Bookkeeping to Us.

As small business owners, the best use of your time and energy is through pursuing your passion. You can entrust us to keep your financial records in order and up-to-date so you can have the freedom to run other aspects of your business and focus on what really matters.

You do what you do best; we will take care of the rest.



I'm Jessie Jackson, CPA.

Numbers have always just made sense to me. I graduated from Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO with a masters in accounting. My career started in assurance at PwC where I provided audit services to both public and nonpublic companies. From there, I moved into financial advisory services where I helped businesses solve complex technical accounting matters and optimize their accounting processes. With over 8 years of experience in the accounting industry, I have always loved being able to help businesses get a handle on their finances and I saw the potential there was in owning my own business. Just like you. With that, Entrust was born.


I believe I can create real value for small businesses. I want to help you realize your goal of keeping current, accurate and accessible financial information so that you can run a successful business and get back time and energy to put towards the people/things you cherish most.

Let's connect and begin a valuable partnership.


Think we'd be a good fit?

Fill out our client interest form.


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What countries do you provide services for? 


We currently provide services to US based businesses. Although we are based in Northglenn, Colorado, we operate fully virtually.


What software do you use? 


The accounting software that Entrust uses is QuickBooks. Additional software used depends on your business needs and can be added as deemed necessary such as receipt management, bill pay management, payroll software, etc. 


Do you provide tax services? 


We can help with filing your sales/use tax payments but do not provide any other tax services. We can provide you with referrals if you are looking for a CPA/tax accountant. We do offer coordination with your CPA/tax accountant to provide any documentation and reports they may need as well as answer any questions they have in regards to your bookkeeping. 


Why do I need a bookkeeping professional? I already have an accountant. 


Usually, your accountant is in charge of the tax preparation and filing for your business each year. A bookkeeping professional is responsible for managing the daily financial tasks of your business including categorizing transactions and creating monthly financial statements. Bookkeepers can also help you with invoicing, processing payroll, paying bills, etc. Accountants can also handle their clients books but they will charge up to $200 per hour and even more depending on their background and expertise. Outsourcing your bookkeeping to a virtual bookkeeping professional can save you money.  


Now we know what your next question is going to be... well if I want to save money, why don't I just do the bookkeeping myself? 


Although you may think you reduce costs by doing it yourself, hiring a professional bookkeeper will actually save you more. The consequences of doing the bookkeeping yourself includes increased risk of human error, lack of knowledge, missed payments and tax obligations due dates leading to penalties and fees. Not to mention the biggest cost... your time. Time is money and if you, the owner, are spending hours each month trying to handle your bookkeeping, that’s hours you could have used towards business and revenue growth activities.  


So we've convinced you that hiring a professional bookkeeper is a good option for your business. Now you want to know, what now? Or maybe you still aren't convinced but want to learn more.  


Go ahead and use the link below to fill out the client interest form. This will give us a better idea of what services would be best for your specific business. Once you complete the form, we will reach out to schedule a free initial consultation where we will discuss your specific needs and pain points. If we find it to be a good fit and would like to continue in the process then Entrust will put together a proposal plan and present it to you. Once all questions are addressed and we feel good about the plan then we will move forward with signing an engagement letter and begin a valuable partnership. 

Still have a question about our services? Or even about bookkeeping in general?


Thanks for submitting!

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